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Bio-Energetic Medicine and Therapies

DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies
by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
Russian DNA Discoveries: Original Version

Bio-energetic therapies are generally recognized as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  These therapies use vibration to address the bioenergetic matrix of the body in order to understand, prevent and treat alterned health states and complaints.

These include Homoeopathy, BodyTalk, Acupuncture, lasers, magnetic field therapy, cymatic tone / colour correspondence. All of these address the organ consciousness and bodyvibe of different organ systems.

Bio-energetic Medicine is the study of energy transfer and its effects on the biomatrix of the living organism. This matrix has been mapped out by the BodyTalk System and by Chinese Traditional Medicine (the acupuncture meridians).

The therapies of bio-energy view and treat the person or animal primarily with manipulation of the matrix itself (eg. accupuncture) and/or application of therapies based in energy (eg. cymatic healing codes, ionised air and water, the energy of a substance - homoeopathy).

Environmental toxins, stress, trauma, virus all change the quality, strength, polarity and path of the Life Energy or Vital Force in the biomatrix .  This changes the EM frequency of tissues, changes cellular function and biochemistry.

Bioenergetic therapies offer hope for people with both acute and chronic complaints.

Read more about Bio-energetic medicine at the International Conference of Traditional, Natural and Bioenergetic Medicine at the website of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

See also Dr. Robert Rowen, “Bioenergetic Medicine: Hope for the Future”

See also

One of the best examples of bioenergetic therapy was  electrotherapeutics in early American mainstream medicine.  This was the use of high frequency current (alternating current) generated by the Tesla Coil – the Violet Ray.

The Therapeutic Manual of High Frequency Currents by Dr Noble Eberhart (1911) is now online.
American Energy Medicine  See also:  Dr Eberhart was formerly head of Dept of Physiological Therapeutics at Loyola University.

An example of bio-energetic application approved by the TGA for home use in Australia is the Bioptron Light Therapy system.  This uses low energy density to deliver colour exposures for biostimulative effects.  The bioptron is a polarized light oscillating in parallel planes (reaches a polarization degree of 95 %).  This light contains a wide range of polychromatic light including visible light and a portion of the infared.  Ranges from 430 mm – 3,400 mm.  Does not include UV

Cymatic tone / colour correspondence

Therapeutic application is available according to several sequences and systems.  One application of colour exposure can be through the GeoMed Biomedicine negative ionized air light stream.

Cymatic correspondences of light / colour and tonal frequency can be used as a basis for many bio-energetic therapies.  The following correspondences are published for consideration.

The tones of the musical scale are given in Hertz in order to differentiate tuning on the Western Scale and the Intrinsic tone of the Pythagorean Scale.  The visual (rhodopsin) light hues are differentiated according to their position on the light spectrum. This position is a wavelength measured in Angstrom Units – 1 hundredth millionth of a centimeter.

The human being manifests the Golden No. Phi in all dimensions – right down to the DNA helices.  Therefore it is the personal intonation that is important for therapy.  The closer the person can come to the Pythagorean frequency – the better.


It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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