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Mineral Analysis, Heavy Metals and Multichemical Toxicity

“Trace Elements and other Essential Nutrients”

Dr David Watts Ph.D in Clinical Nutrition

Minerals are about 4% of our total body weight and include macro and micro elements.  The macro elements: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and sulfur are found in higher concentrations than the micro elements which are found in trace concentrations such as  chromium, vanadium, selenium, lithium and manganese.

The macro elements tend to particpate in many biochemical processes and pathways, whereas the micro elements participate in more limited functions.

“Minerals are the basic spark plugs in the chemistry of life” according to Dr. Henry Schroeder.

Exchanges of energy in the combustion of foods, the building of living tissue, the governance of metabolic pathways,  maintenance of critical balances such as acid / base, nerve conduction, neuro-endocrine hormonal balance, hydration, enzyme function and muscle contraction are just some of the bio-chemical processes that depend upon elements and mineral compounds.

Where nutrition is adequate for energy needs, it is the dynamic balance of the macro and micro elements and their minerals that is important.

Heavy metals have a high atomic weight and this allows them to displace many of the lighter, essential elements, thus changing the dynamic balance of important biochemical pathways.

These shifts can lead to disease and pathology.

Assessment of essential and non-essential elements can help to pin point both adequacy and deficiencies as well as metabolic imbalances.

The Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) of hair is commonly used for this assessment.  “As the hair is being is exposed to blood, lymph, and intracellular fluids.  During this time, it accumulates constitutients present in this internal environment, particularly the minerals – but other substances as well.  As the cortex of the hair shaft hardens and protrudes from the scalp, the evidence of this internal metabolic environment is preserved as a convenient record.  Even drugs consumed during this developmental process will be present.”

Human hair has been accepted as an effective tissue for biological monitoring of toxic heavy metals by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is used for this purpose throughout the world.

Ironbark Homoeopathy recommends TMA for a base line assessment where there are symptoms present of heavy metal toxicity.  It is also good to have a periodic TMA along the timeline of any treatment programme – for example every six months.

Interclinical Laboratories offers Hair TMA

The Interclinical service offers instructions for taking sample, report and analysis

Interclinical Laboratories also offers the OSUMEX self test kit

free radicals

general heavy metal test kits – multi element

specific heavy metal test kits

Dunaliella salina may assist the detoxifying effects of the probiotic drink and personal chelation coumpound that is part of the individual treatment plan of Ironbark Homoeopathy for symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.

The Interclinical Laboratory Dunaliella salina product Algotene TM is organically farmed on the shallow lakes and mud flats in Karratha, near the north western tip of Western Australia where the high UV sunlight and low rainfall promote optimal growth



It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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