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Raw Nut and Oat Milk Recipes

 Nut Milks are wonderful milks for people with dairy intolerances.

 It can be served plain. It can be used as a milk in a milk based recipe such as a fruit smoothie.

 All you need is a blender and a few layers of cheescloth.

 People who have intolerances or allergies to a specific type of nut (such as peanut) are often able to eat other types of nut with benefit.

 So the first step is to find the nuts that can be enjoyed.


Almond trees, flower and nuts


Macadamia nuts with flowering tree


Pecan nuts and tree


Brazil nuts and tree

 If gluten is tolerated, nut milk can be combined with oat milk for a very smooth and creamy beverage or base.

Raw, organic oats are just soaked (always use filtered water) for an hour in the blender with a pinch of good salt such as Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt. Cover the oats with the water and leave about 2 – 3 inches over the top of the oats. In an hour, blend and strain through the cheesecloth.

For nuts – soak two hours in the blender in filtered water with about 2 – 3 inches over the top. Add a good pinch of salt. Then blend and strain.

 Flavoured milks or smoothies are easy to make by adding:  fruit or agave nectar or carob to the strained nut milk or oat milk.

For additional recipes see

It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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