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The Red Drinks for Cardiovascular Health

 Ingredients and Preparation

All ingredients should be rinsed in filtered water. The infusions should be made on filtered water.

 Red Cayenne Pepper Drink

 Red Cayenne Peppers (2)

Fresh Aloe Vera Pulp (1 large leaf) – cut the pulp out of the green skin and rinse it.

1 tbsp from the Hawthorne Berry and Ginger vinegar bottles.

2 cups of cooled Rooibos and Green Tea infusion

Place all ingredients into the blender and then strain.

If you need a little sweetener drill out a green coconut and add the fresh juice.

Some good cayenne recipes can be found on


Beetroot Juice

 Juice some beetroot and leaves, apples and purple carrot with the pulp of a fresh aloe leaf.

Add 1 tbsp from the Goji Berry vinegar bottle.

Add 1 cup of cooled Rose Hip and Green Tea infusion.

“Beetroot juice boosts stamina by increasing blood nitrate”   J Appl Physiol 2009 Oct; 107(4): 1144-55.

See also notes from .

It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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