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Article 19 UN Declaration of Human Rights to which Australia is a signatory

The Twat Report

This page is dedicated to the character Mr Twat from the film "The Boat that Rocked" who was tasked with 'shutting them down'.

This webpage has been created to document government pre-occupation with and harassment of the Australian Natural Therapies industry (one of the most highly regulated and qualified in the world). Also of interest is the persecution of medical doctors qualified to practice as advanced naturopaths.

An ongoing programme of Twat Control investigations, legal bullying and harrassment of these businesses, practices, laboratory services and products would seem to be the preferred method of dealing with us at present under Agenda 21 dictates. Beat-ups conducted by hacks and spinmeisters on reality tv is followed inevitably by the Big Hoo-Ha in all the controlled media.

The Ironbark Homeopathy E-Journal will report this caper here.

The Real Tragedy of This Mischief for Medicine

There definitely do exist drugs and practices out there which require the attention, prompt investigation and action by the relevant authorities and full exposure in the media (if we had a free media).

Unfortunately, these tasks are neglected for Agenda 21 Mischief.  It is more important to criminalize vitamins and the kitchen herb garden, to harasses the practice of traditional medicine and to prosecute 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' health claims.

This is your tax dollars at work, Australia.

Therefore, this webpage is dedicated to the growing number of real victims (and not just of medicine) whose legitimate claims and reports should exercise real government and real media serving the people.  For example, real victims of the drug Aldara (generic Imiquimod) have been ignored for over a decade and fobbed off by the medical profession.

pemphagoid bulla and autoimmune inflammation of aldara complication
autoimmune reactions are side effects of Aldara / IQ

The complications of this drug sufferred by so many people are so extreme, the number of adverse reactions ignored by the relevant authorities has now grown to such an extent, that a private class action on behalf of Aldara victims (many of whom are Australian) is now being prepared in the United States by the firm Parker, Waichman, Alanso - a National Firm.

See their website for the list of adverse reactions to Aldara they are documenting: anaphylactic shock causing death, Parkinson's Disease, cancer, memory loss, visual impairment, dizziness, weight loss...

Parker, Waichman, Alanso LLP
Washington D.C. Office
1156 15th Street NW
Suite 502
Washington D.C. 20005

Parker, Waichman, Alanso LLP
Manhattan Office
111 John Street
14th Floor
New York, NY  10038

Since Aldara was unleashed on the unsuspecting public about a decade ago, only a few brave people and websites have carried the torch for the victims of Aldara

Ted Beaseley

Elaine Hollingsworth

Mischief of Agenda 21 Dictate

Homoeopathy under threat in Australia from Agenda 21 dictate

2009 has been a very busy year for attacks on homeopathy. We’ve had visits from people such as Dr Simon Singh, noted UK science journalist and critic of homeopathy, who was reported in just about every possible print and electronic media here as saying categorically the homeopathy doesn’t work.

Queensland Commercial Fishing Industry under threat from Agenda 21 dictate

EU Citizens 'Harmonized' with Codex Alimentarius and THuMPed with the Loss of Hundreds of Herbal Medicines

Inappropriately Botched

The Great Pan Pharmaceuticals Product Recall of 2003 - written by Lynda Brownsey Sep 2011

"where the quality of a medicine can not be certain, neither can the safety or effectiveness of that medicine"; TGA regulatory action and product recall information

The Pan Debacle


It is taken that you have read our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy on entering this website
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